Bad Chick Studios

The hub of multidisciplinary artist Lafiya Watson Ramirez


I know. Multidisciplinary artist sounds totally pretentious but hear me out.

I'm a visual artist specializing in web + xr design/development, graphic design, and photography. My strength lies in the combined knowledge of all these skills, not just a singular one. Think of me as a digital swiss army knife ready to bring the best tool(s) to tackle your next creative project. I also bring passion, creativity, and an almost unhealthy love of problem-solving (It's my stubborn Taurus nature). I love a good challenge, and I always strive to bring the best to a project.

I've worked with countless artists, small businesses, and non-profits to bring their visions to life with websites, album covers, promo shots, brochures, flyers, and beyond. I’d love to do the same for your next project.